Financial Report Data Processing System Input Vat And Output Vat

Case Study In Ahass Honda Andrew Motor


  • Julianus Waruwu STMIK Mardira Indonesia, Bandung
  • Rohmat Nur Ibrahim STMIK Mardira Indonesia, Bandung


Application, Processing, Calculation, value added tax, input, output, motor


Applying the right value-added tax calculation system can satisfy workers and agencies. Calculating input
and output value-added tax often experiences problems in its calculation, which is still semi-EDP. The
financial data processing system of input VAT and output VAT at Ahass Honda Andrew Motor is web-based
with data collection techniques in the form of observation, interviews, and literature studies. It is designed
with the OOAD system development method, namely the process of analyzing, designing, and implementing
the system based on the object. The design of this system can make it easier for companies to input and
calculate value-added tax input and output, facilitate the calculation process because it is done
automatically, and facilitate the process of printing the final report to be more effective and efficient.